Thing’s that makes 2021,”Republic Day” as unique

Thing’s that makes 2021,”Republic Day” as unique

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Every year, Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January. On this day our “Constitution” was adopted in 1950.

In the year 1930, Lahore Congress declare ‘Purna Swaraj’ on 26th of January on the basic of that occurrence the government enacted Mother law of the land that is Constitution on 26th January 1950.
This year it will be marked India’s 72th Republic Day,and it will be the first major public event since the covid-19 outbreak.

Here what will different this year:
The year is unique it’s own way, in the history of India it is 1st time in 50 year’s that Republic Day celebration will not have any ‘Cheif Guest’.
The 1st Cheif Guest was “President Sukarno”(1st president of Indonesia).
This Republic Day, India will witnesse a proud moment when first fighter pilot will take a part
First woman fighter pilot to participate in the parade, “Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth”.

Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth

One of the major attraction will be Rafale Fighter jet’s doing a ‘Vertical Charlie’ at the end of the flypast. The Indian Air Force (IAF) will also display a vintage Dakota aircraft.

The contingent from Bangladesh will mark the third instance of military contingent from a friendly foreign nation participating in the parade after France in 2016 & UAE in 2017.
First time since the independent of India,Union Territory of Ladakh will be participating, it will showcase the Indian Astronomical observatory, one of the world highest site for optical infrared and gamma-ray telescope.

Every year during Republic Day celebration the number of people’s were thousands in number, but due to covid-19 outbreak this time the numbers of gathering were limited.
Even, the parade will also be shorter this year,
Instead of marching up to the Red Fort, the parade will end at National Stadium.
The overall scale and size of the parade have also restricted.

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