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  1. DUJONE (hoichoi) release on 9th july 2021 .
Image source – youtube | dujone trailer

people who love to watch mysterious thriller movies will love this series. the story roam around a person who has two side on one hand he is living his life as a common man and on the other hand he is a criminal. DUJONE is a Bengali web series but it will be release on MX player in hindi.

2. STATE OF SIEGE : TEMPLE ATTACK (ZEE5) release on 9th july 2021.

Image source – youtube | state of siege :temple attack trailer

State of siege will be a action drama in which some terrorist will attack a temple and our Indian soldiers will subdue them. This web series is based on true event which happened in Akshardham Temple in Gujarat.

3. KINGDOM : ASHIN OF THE NORTH SEASON 2 (NETFLIX) release on 23rd july 2021.

Image source youtube | kingdom season 2 trailer

This web series was adapted from the web comic series. 1st season was a great hit. during the korean joseon dynasty Prince Lee Chang  and his subordinate face an unnatural plague which resurrects death like zombies. In season 2 chang try to save people from this plague.

4. NEVER HAVE I EVER SEASON 2 (NETFLIX) release on 15th july 2021.

Image source youtube | never have i ever season 2 trailer

Story move around the a teenager girl who is in grief after her father death. It is a teenager comedy series in which devi and her two best friend try to be popular in high school. every steps they take a new problem occur then devi start dating two guy ben and Paxton. Who will she choose?

5. FEEL LIKE ISHQ (NETFLIX) release on 23rd july 2021.

Image source youtube | feel like ishq trailer

Feel like ishq is a anthology in which there are 6 different episode independent to each other which means they are no link to each other. All the episode base on modern day love which you can releate as said by maker.

6. RESIDENT EVIL : INFINITY DARKNESS (NETFLIX) release on 8th july 2021.

Image source youtube | resident evil : infinity darkness

Resident evil : infinity darkness is the original web animated series which come under the resident evil franchise by capcom.

7. ATYPICAL SEASON 4 (NETFLIX) release on 9th july 2021.

Image source youtube | atypical season 4

This season is the 4th and final season of the web series. It is the comedy drama series base on Sam Gardner, a teenager having autistic spectrum disorder who attempts to find love while he and his family tussle with their tumultuous personal lives.

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